Causes of Diabetes – Types, Treatment, and Control

causes for diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that are currently found in every household, here we provide causes, types, treatment, and control measures.

The disease that may affect every member of some family.

In the era of technology, one side life becomes too easy, but another aspect of health it generates much and more difficulties.

Due to people’s negligence towards their own health, many diseases are being contracted.

Sedentary lifestyle, irregular diet, improper rests are some of the reasons for diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that impacts the body’s proficiency to generate or use insulin. 

The causes of diabetes can be many, hence we need to monitor our habits as this is a lifestyle disease.

Insulin is a type of hormone that modifies food into energy. 

It helps in transferring this energy to cells.

There are Three Major Types of Diabetes :

Type 1 Diabetes –

Your body does not create insulin. 

This there is a problem because the sugars from the food you eat to take,

And use it to turn it into energy for your body so you need insulin, one of the major causes of diabetes.

You have to live life Insulin needs to be taken every day.

 Type 2 Diabetes – 

That your body does not make insulin does not use it well. Controlling your diabetes

You may need to take pills or insulin to keep up Is. It is the most prevalent type of diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes – 

This type of diabetes mostly detected in women when they are pregnant. Mostly, it goes away after the baby is born Is done.

Although it is getting away, such as women and their children developing diabetes later in life more likely.

Definition and Reasons for the causes of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes:

DefinitionIn this form of diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas are completely destroyed

And thus insulin isn’t possible to make. 

It’s caused by genetic, auto-immune, and a few viral infections, 

Because of which beta cells are completely destroyed in childhood.

This disease is typically seen within the age of but 12 to 25 years.

Type 1 diabetes encompasses a greater effect in Sweden and Finland. 

In line with the Ministry of Health, type 1 diabetes occurs in a mere 1% to twenty-eight cases in India.
People who go through type 2 diabetes have a comparatively high blood glucose level which is extremely difficult to regulate. 

During this condition, the victim feels more thirsty, frequent urination, and frequent hunger problems.

It can happen to anyone, but it’s seen more in children.

In type 2 diabetes, the body is incapable to get insulin properly.
Who becomes a victim?Type 1 diabetes can occur at any time in childhood, even in maturity infancy.

But type 1 diabetes is typically seen only within the age of 6 to 18 years.

That is, it’s a disease that happens in children.

Although the quantity of individuals full of this sort of diabetes is minor.
Currently, children are experiencing type 2 diabetes due to a lack of exercise and a high intake of nutrition. 

This is often visible in people below 15 years, especially in 12 or 13-year-old. 

It’s occurring more among women than men.

The disease is more common to people that are overweight, generally on top of those with BMI 32.

It can even happen, thanks to genetic reasons.

Symptoms and Prevention for the causes of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes:

SymptomsIn type 1 diabetes, raising the number of sugar makes the patient urinate again, and again, 

Because of excess fluid from the body, the patient feels very thirsty. 

This is why, there’s also an absence of water within the body,

The patient starts feeling weak, besides, and the heartbeat also increases greatly.
Due to this, because of a rise within the level of blood glucose within the body,

There are problems like fatigue, low vision, and headache. 

Because the fluid comes out of the body in excess, it makes the patient thirsty.

He doesn’t heal quickly when an injury or wound occurs.

Continuous more than diabetes affects the eyesight, 

Because of which there’s a disease called diabetic retinopathy, thanks to which there’s a decrease in eyesight.
PreventionInsulin is given for the prevention of diabetes.

Insulin could be a variety of hormone which is extremely helpful for our body. 

It’s through insulin that blood cells get sugar, that is, insulin works to deliver sugar to other parts of the body.

The sugar procured by insulin delivers energy to the cells.
Coffee and these 2 drinks are consumed daily to regulate blood glucose

Reason and the Causes of Diabetes :

Diabetes is a situation that is directly attributed to your lifestyle,

Your lifestyle invites diabetes if you make changes in your lifestyle, and you can control it.

If seen, they are also right to some extent, if you change your lifestyle then you can control diabetes to some extent.

However, to say that only (bad) lifestyle is the cause of diabetes, it would be wrong. 

There can be one of the causes behind diabetes,

But apart from the genetic cause, the effect of the environment can be said to be especially responsible.

If you think more deeply, the major reason for diabetes is insulin defiance. 

Diabetes happens when the body is incapable to assemble sufficient amounts of insulin

Or the insulin stops working properly, that is, the cells of the body do not react suitably to insulin.

Insulin and Causes of Diabetes

This hormone called insulin is generated through the beta cells existing in the pancreas.

This fluid encourages the body’s cells to modify the sugars they get from carbs and fat into energy so that the body can do its daily work. 

In addition, the remaining sugar is modified into glycogen and stored in the liver,

So that the body can use it when it is not getting sufficient sugar for stamina.

Insulin becomes responsible for diabetes when there is some kind of damage to insulin sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity is a kind of measure that specifies how sensitive you are to the impacts of insulin,

That is, how rapidly insulin may make it insufficient or normal as blood glucose levels rise.

 If your insulin sensitivity is elevated, you need a lower proportion of insulin to reduce the blood than the blood of a person with low insulin sensitivity.

 In this way, one can say that sufficient sensitivity to insulin is good for your health.

Considerably reduced insulin sensitivity is called insulin resistance.

 Insulin resistance is a condition where the body’s cells quit reacting to insulin in any way and the sugar is not eligible to contact the cells,

As a result, sugar starts to rise in the blood and increases in blood sugar.

Excess of blood sugar in the body is called hyperglycemia, which works leads to diabetes. 

However insulin obstruction is indicated to type 2 diabetes, it may also be detected in people implicated by type 1 diabetes.

The Connection Between Diabetes and Insulin Resistance which causes Diabetes: 

Let’s know how insulin resistance causes diabetes.

Because of the resistance to insulin, your cells can’t absorb sugar from the blood, which increases the proportion of sugar in the blood.

To match this increased appetite for insulin, the body’s beta cells begin generating more insulin.

As long as the beta cells produce sufficient insulin, everything resides under control.

But with the corridor of time, beta cells are unable to do the work required by the body’s insulin and start producing less insulin.

Due to which the number of sugar increases and it causes diabetes.

What Causes Insulin Resistance when Diabetes?

Genetic and environmental factors are also responsible for diabetes. 

1. Causes of Diabetes – Genetic Factors :

Researchers have recognized about 75 genetic factors that play a significant roll in boosting the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

However, despite having these dangerous genes in the body, some people do not have diabetes.

Investigators have attributed this to other factors like obesity, diet, environment, and lifestyle.

2. Causes of Diabetes – Obesity:

Obesity, especially excess fat around the stomach, can be a major cause of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Fat cells produce irritating chemicals in addition to hormones

And release non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA), affecting our metabolism (metabolism).

Not only this, in obese people, but the secretion of these substances also increases manifold.

Scientists found in their discovery that non-esterified fatty acids are the major cause of insulin resistance

And inhibit the functioning of beta cells, leading to diabetes.

Apart from this, the condition of fat in your body, especially how it is distributed and spread, also determines insulin sensitivity.

For example, people who have more fat around the abdomen or chest have less sensitivity to insulin.

3. Causes of Diabetes – Pet-Associated Bacteria:

Diabetes is also related to the increasing or decreasing number of bacteria in the intestine.

For example, if there are a high number of bacteria of the genus Bifidobacterium in the intestine,

It increases glucose tolerance (glucose tolerance is a type of measure in type 2 diabetes,

This shows how easily and quickly glucose is absorbed into your body. It means.

How quickly sugar is cleared by blood) and low-grade inflation decreases.

On the other hand, type 1 diabetes can also be caused by bacteria like bacteroids.

Similarly, how many bacteria are there in the stomach or their ratio also affects the growth of diabetes.

One study found that the number of firmicutes was much lower in people affected by diabetes than in people without diabetes,

While the number of bacteroids and proteobacteria was much higher.

A recent study has also shown that diabetes can also result from a single nucleotide polymorphism (a microbe found in the stomach that is not harmful).

4. Causes of Diabetes – Psychological or Emotional Stress:

Depression, anxiety, and stress are major health problems in India.

When stressed, stress hormones like cortisol are found in your blood,

This increases your blood sugar level, as well as stops insulin production from beta cells.

This not only causes diabetes but also prevents the person affected by diabetes from managing diabetes properly.

For example, a farmer told some researchers in an interview that he wanted to work,

But due to diabetes he fainted, he also feared that his wounds would become infected, causing.

He started getting stressed and worried.

Far from managing diabetes properly, he was also difficult to do his job.

5. Causes of Diabetes – Related to your Lifestyle:-

  • Sluggish lifestyle
  • Eating foods with low fiber and high glycemic index
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Smoking
  • The habit of drinking too much alcohol
  • Sleep problems

Interestingly, the pediatrician and allergist Dr. John Puthulil has challenged,

And questioned the theory of diabetes due to insulin resistance in his book Diabetes:

The Real Cause and the Right Cure. Instead, he emphasizes fatty acid burn theory.

This indicates our genetic ability to store fat as the main cause of diabetes.

According to him, muscles start using fatty acids instead of sugar for energy,

This causes sugar to accumulate in the blood and this leads to high blood sugar.

As a result, the person has to face diabetes.

However, his theory has not yet been confirmed.

Why causes Type-1 Diabetes to Occur?

The immediate reason for type 1 diabetes is still to be ascertained.

But it is recognized that this is a family problem and if one member in the family has it,

Then the rest of the members are also at greater risk of obtaining this disease.

It is not possible to curb type 1 diabetes and this problem is not connected to our lifestyle.


Your gene plays a very important role in type 1 diabetes, particularly in victims who acquire the disease in childhood or puberty.

In childhood, a protein is created in the body, with the aid of which the immune system keeps the body healthy.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system injuries the insulin-producing cells of the body.

Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors involve viruses (enterovirus, coxsackie s B and rubella), toxin, and nutrients (cow’s milk, cereal).

Family Problem:

If someone’s parents or siblings have Type- 1 Diabetes, then the hazard of getting the disease increases for them.


By the way, type 1 diabetes can happen at any age.

But its cases are particularly high in children aged 4 to 7 years.

In some cases, it is also detected more in 10 to 14-year-olds.

What causes Type-2 Diabetes to Occur?


As your age increases, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases, the chance of it usually initiates increasing after the age of 45 years.

This is because after this age people often reduce exercise etc.,

Due to which the muscles start to become weak and gain weight.

But type 2 diabetes can arise in young people, adolescents, and even children.


Overweight gain is the greater prevalent risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

The more fatty your tissue is, the more insulin resistant your cells become.

However, it is not essential that type 2 diabetes occurs only when there is obesity.

Family Problem:

If any of your parents or siblings have type 2 diabetes,

Then you are also at an enhanced risk of getting this disease.


If your body fat is acquiring more in the stomach than in the hips or thighs,

There is a raised risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

No Mobility in the Body:

The less physically active you are, the tremendous your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

With the help of physical activity, the body uses glucose as power,

Which makes your cells sensitive to insulin.

By doing a bodily activity, your body weight is also normal.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in women boosts the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Why Should Cause of Diabetes be Taken Care Of?

Take care of yourself and your diabetes today and can help you feel better in the future.

While when your blood sugar (glucose) levels are close to normal Can be as follows:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel less tired and thirsty
  • Frequent urination
  • Heals better
  • Skin or bladder infections seem less common

As the Causes of Diabetes you may also have Health Problems:-

Less likely, such as:

  • A heart attack or stroke
  • Eye problems that lead to difficulty seeing or blindness
  • Show in the palms of your hands and feet, spoon or deaf also called nerve damage
    Kidney problems that stop your kidneys from working 
  • Dental and gum problems.

ABC for the Causes of Diabetes:

Learn about.

1. A1C, 

 2. Blood Pressure 

 3.  Cholesterol

How to regulate your health care, talk to the experts or doctors.

This thing makes you have a heart attack, trauma (Stroke) or other diabetic problems can help reduce.

A for A1C Test (A-One-C).

What is it?

A1C is a blood test that has been done for the recent three-month measures average blood sugar.

Test your blood sugar every day it’s different from what you are.

Why is it Important?

You need to know your blood sugar level at a specific interval.

You don’t want these numbers to go any higher.

Of blood sugar high doses your heart and blood vessels, kidneys, paws, and can damage the eyes.

What is the Purpose of A1C?

For many people with diabetes, the purpose of A1C is below 7. A may be different for you. Ask what your goal should be.

B for Blood Pressure:- 

What is it?

Blood pressure is your blood pressure against the fence of your blood vessels There is a force.

Why is it Important?

If your blood pressure gets extremely high, it will hurt your heart Makes extremely hard to beat.

You have heart attacks, strokes, as well as yours, which may cause kidney and eye damage.

What is the Goal of Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure targets for most people with diabetes need to be below 140/90. That may be different for you.
Determine what your goal should be.

C for Cholesterol:-

What is It?

There are two types of cholesterol in your blood:

LDL may “bad” cholesterol and your blood may block veins. It can affect a heart attack or stroke.

HDL may “good” it helps to eliminate “bed” cholesterol “bad” from your blood.

What are LDL and HDL Targets?

Ask what your cholesterol digits should be.

Of others, your goals may be different in comparison.

If you are 40 years old If you are older than you,

You need to start medicine for heart health that may need to be taken.

You feel persecuted once you abide diabetes, It is normal to feel sad or angry.

Healthy You know what you must do to remain,

But you’ve got a tough time punching to your plan from time to time Can.

This section on a way to accommodate your diabetes,

Good Contains instructions on the way to relax and stay active.

However, providing diabetes care troughs healthcare paying and can disrupt inclusive health systems.

For this purpose, control of diabetes is an emphasis on non-communicable diseases,

These diseases are a part of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 – to ensure healthy lives and well-being for all.

Control the Causes of Diabetes:-

Stress can raise your blood glucose.  

To scale back stress in you learn ways to,

Deep breathing, gardening, going for a walk, considering, engaged in your hobby,

Or make an endeavor to concentrate carefully on your favorite music can facilitate you to hunt if you’re feeling weak.  

Physiological state Counselor, Support Group, Pastor, A friend, or a friend who will listen carefully to your cheetahs,

Because, that would facilitate you to get a better feeling.

1. Control the Causes of DiabetesEat a Decent Diet

  • For diabetes with help from your health care team Plan meals.
  • Low in calories, inundated fat, Trans fats, sugars, and salts Select foods that contain.
  • Eat foods huge in fiber, such as whole grains Beans, bread, thin crispy biscuits, rice, or pasta.
  • Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, bread and beans, and less Choose fatty or skim foods like milk and cheese.
  • Drink water rather than juice and regular soda.
  • When eating out, eat half your plate of fruit and Fill with vegetables, 1 / 4 of protein without enough fat, Such as peas, skinless chicken or turkey, and 1 / 4
  • Eat whole grains, like rice or whole wheat pasta.

2. Control the Causes of DiabetesStay Active

  • To be more active most days of the week set a goal.
  • Taking off for a 10-minute walk 3 times on a daily basis Start slow.
  • Twice every week, work to extend your muscle strength.
  • Use Stitch Ben Red, do yoga, heavy gardening (with tools)
  • Digging and planting), or do push-ups.
  • Using your diet plan and moving more maintain a healthy weight by doing.

3. Control the Causes of DiabetesLearn What to Try Every Day

  • Diabetes and other health even once you feel better to take your medications for the matter. 
  • Attack or trauma avoids telling your doctor if you would like an aspirin.
  • However, if you cannot tolerate your medication or if you’ve got any side effects Tell your doctor if there’s a sway.
  •  A day for any cuts, rashes, red rashes, or swelling of your feet takes a look at.
  • Be sure of your health for irreversible sores Call the team directly.
  •  Brush your teeth daily to stay your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy Brush and clean properly.
  • Quit smoking. 
  • Elicit help quitting Keep your blood glucose under control. 
  •  Ray you one or more each day can check times.
  • Your glucose statistics Use the cardboard on the rear of this booklet to stay notes. 
  • Be sure to speak to the health care team about it.
  •  Check your pressure if your doctor advises and keep a note of it.

Treatment of Diabetes:-

Diabetes could be a disease whose treatment isn’t enthusiastic about any medicine.

Because it is a lifestyle-related disease and you’ll be able to get obviate this disease only by changing your lifestyle.

People who don’t seem to be serious even after being exposed to a dangerous disease like diabetes.

Some of them are,

  • if you don’t quit sweet food,
  • have a passion for nourishment, 
  • don’t concentrate on increasing weight, 
  • Don’t exercise or do yoga
  • Drink alcohol
  • And eat sweet food

It becomes very difficult for those that don’t stop to measure.

Whereas, if patients are serious about their disease and make necessary changes in their lifestyle,

Then it’s possible to urge obviate diabetes. 

Include vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, dairy products,

However, sources of omega-3 fats in your diet. Except for this, consume lots of fiber too. 

The more you stress, the more you’ll follow unhealthy habits.

Several kinds of research have shown that the secretion of hormones is inhibited,

Thanks to stress and this increases the amount of glucose.

Apple Cider Vinegar could be of great effectiveness in diabetes for weight loss and good health.

So try ways to avoid stress. 

However, there’s no evidence that diabetes is often prevented forever.

Because as you develop, the danger of high-pressure levels, cardiopathy,

And other health problems also are related to diabetes.

Therefore, after the age of 45, it’s necessary to undergo an entire health check-up regularly once a year.

Because to control diabetes, the most important thing is to pay special attention to your diet and avoid it.

However, there are many home remedies through which you can control diabetes and lead a normal life.

1. Control Diabetes using Basil Leaves:

Anti-oxidants are found in basil leaves.

Apart from this, many such elements are found in it which makes pancreatic beta cells active towards insulin.

However, these cells increase the secretion of insulin.

Get up in the morning and chew two to three basil leaves on an empty stomach.

If you would like, you’ll also drink basil juice. This lowers blood sugar levels.

2. The use of Cinnamon Powder is also Very Helpful

Cinnamon may be a major spice utilized in Indian cuisine.

Insulin sensitivity increases with the use of cinnamon.

However, it is helpful in reducing and controlling the level of sugar in the blood.

Obesity can also be reduced by regular intake.

Crushing cinnamon and make a fine powder and take it with lukewarm water.

Pay special attention to the quantity.

Taking this powder in large amounts can be dangerous.

3. Drinking Green Tea is also Beneficial

Green tea contains high amounts of polyphenols.

Because it is an active anti-oxidant.

This is helpful in controlling blood sugar. Drinking green tea every morning and evening will benefit.

4. The Juice of Drumstick Leaves is also Beneficial

The juice of drumstick leaves is additionally very effective in controlling diabetes.

However, if you grind drumstick leaves and squeeze them and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning.

This will not increase the sugar level.

5. Consumption of Berries Seeds

 Berries seeds are also beneficial in controlling diabetes.

Dry the berries properly.

After drying, grind them to make a powder.

In the morning, take berries seeds with lukewarm water on an empty stomach.

However, this will help in controlling diabetes.

It is noted that each year on 14 November,

The birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922.

World Diabetes Day was established in 1991 by IDF and the World Health Organization (WHO) in acknowledgment of accumulating problems,

About the escalating health risk posed by diabetes.

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